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The Road to Safer Driving!

Anchorage Driver Training LLC

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The Road to Safer Driving!


Anchorage Driver Training, LLC is committed to Quality in driver education.   We have been in business in Anchorage since 1991. We employ 3 professional State Certified instructors with many years of experience.


Statistics prove that teenagers are the most accident prone drivers.  We are here to help remedy the problem.  Our most enjoyable moments are watching a teenager change into a more confident young adult after they have attended our 16 hour course.  In our experience, driver education has proven to be a lasting tool to ensure the survival of our students.

Take Our Course In Self-Defense!


  • No, we haven’t expanded into the martial arts, but we can show you how to defend yourself on the roads. Perhaps you’ve noticed that local drivers have become increasingly aggressive in the past few years. One of your friends, classmates, or family members may have been the victim — or cause — of a serious collision, becoming but another Alaska accident statistic.

  • In our estimation, probably only 3-5% of all local young people in Anchorage take formal driver education.    Although many “uneducated” drivers pass their road test, chances are that when confronted with a serious situation, they may not know how to react.

  • Our 16 hour course is tailored for our Alaska conditions and also provides the student the tools and techniques to drive safely in major cities.  
  • Check it out with your insurance company —you could possibly save as much as our course cost in the first year, so it’s like getting something for nothing!

Educate and Defend Yourself

It is a good idea to educate yourself with New Technology; ABS brakes, air bags, and proper use of seat belts. Educating also means being aware of changing laws and becoming knowledgeable of current laws. In the following we will educate and teach you the tools to defend yourself:

    1. Driver Improvement Course - 8 hours

Our Driver Improvement Course includes the most up-to-date information we have from the current Alaska Criminal & Traffic Laws and the Anchorage Municipal Code “Title 9” to make you aware of the many changes that effect our day to day driving in the State of Alaska.  We have two certified instructors

that teach our Nationally Certified Driver Improvement Class.

2. Behind the Wheel Training - 8 hours 

Instruction is done in our dual controlled vehicles, one-on-one with a State certified instructor.  For the driving lesson the students will be picked up and dropped  at locations within the Anchorage Bowl or various locations in Eagle River.

Our behind the wheel training covers defensive traffic maneuvers, teaching the student how to drive from point A to point B smoothly and efficiently, while assuring that they have a space-cushion around them and an escape route at all times.

  1. Introduction to vehicle
  2. Starting and stopping, fast and slow
  3. Right turns, left turns
  4. Changing lanes
  5. Entering and Exiting freeways
  6. City driving
  7. Country driving
  8. Parallel Parking
  9. Backing straight, around corners

Please contact us at the following phone number for current information:

Phone: (907) 349-9008




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